The Pyramidkogel observatory wooden Tower

Three things that I thought would be impossible in studying wooden architecture and structure all my life, I’d like to say one of those is the Pyramidkogel Wooden Tower of Austria. The other two are the restoration and preservation techniques of the Swedish wooden warship, VASA, built in the 16th century, and the American military transport plane Spruce Goose, which was built from wood in 1945.

– Jun Jae LEE, Ph.D., Emeritus Professor of Seoul National University –

Pyramidkogel Wooden observatory Tower (Photo : Rubner)

The Pyramidkogel Wooden observatory Tower is probably the highest and first multi-purpose wooden observatory tower in the world, which was built on top of the Pyramidkogel of the state of Carinthia, southern Alps of Austria, during 2012/2013

This wooden observatory tower is a multi-purpose tower built with eco-friendly wood that replaces existing reinforced concrete broadcasting and observation towers. Currently, it has been established as a Landmark in the region, where almost 1 million people had visited in the past three years, to make the area the top tourist attraction, contributing greatly to the development of the local economy. Within three years, all of the investments were fully paid.

The construction and operation of this kind of multi-purpose wooden observation tower in any part of the world, like Austria, will not only serve as a landmark for the region, but will also greatly contribute to the revitalization of the local economy and the tax revenue.

A scene of the demolition of the concreat observatory tower, which is replaced in by the wooden observatory tower in operation