Milestone in
Wooden Building Architecture
and Construction

Sustainable growth and eco-friendly

Leading cities around the world are scrambling to build a landmark tower and among the most famous is the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France. The observatory tower we are building and trying to build is a tower completely different from the typical concrete or steel tower that has ever been built. The very first case in this point of view is the observatory wooden tower in the Pyramidenkogel of Austria, which is the first wooden observatory tower of that kind.

The wooden observatory tower we introduce here has its roots in the firm philosophy of architecture we are aiming for. In other words, the building’s basic materials are constructed using materials suitable for two conditions: sustainable and eco-friendly.

Wood is not only the oldest building material used by humans but also the only sustainable material.

Wood is almost the only building material that protects the survival of all living creatures on Earth from the beginning of growth to it’s disposal. That is the reason why we are building wood construction.