Milestone in Wooden Building Architecture and Contruction

The architectural design and architecture team Klaura and Kaden and architectural structural static design team Lackner & Egger, won the top prize at the 2007 International Design Competition in Carinthia, Austria. Rubner Holzbau, which also received the highest score through international bidding, was selected as a producer and constructor.

This huge wooden observation tower, which the four teams designed, produced and constructed as one team, is regarded as a landmark in the history of wooden building architecture, more than just a tourist attraction. During a short construction period of two months, it was completed in the peak of winter with 48 wooden poles 27 meters long connected to the height of three levels, all prefabricated in the factory and brought to the site. The wooden tower, from production to construction, was completed in eight months.

The tower has a feminine, smooth curve viewed like the shape of a dragon-rim rising into the sky. Built exactly 100 meters high, this observatory wooden tower is regarded as the highest and the best work ever made using wood, and has been a new milestone for the world’s wooden architect as it harmonizes with high technology.